trade in timeshare


Trading-in a timeshare is a very similar transaction to that of trading a used car for a new car. With a trade-in option, you would be “trading-in” the old timeshare for a new timeshare which you like more. The first step to doing a trade-in is to get an appraisal, which our agents can do for you for no additional cost. The second step is to analyze how you are vacationing now and determine which timeshare might be a better fit for you. Once that is determined, our agents can arrange for you to travel to stay on the property and attend a sales presentation with the new developer. The new developer would then make you an offer to trade-in the old timeshare by giving a discount off of the new timeshare. This is generally the only timeshare exit strategy which allows you to receive consideration close to what it is actually selling for in the primary market (what you paid for the timeshare).


TSR charges a $495 advisory fee for trade-in services. This includes the property appraisal (done ahead of time for free), the  interview to help you discover which new timeshare might be a better fit for you, arrangement for discounted travel so you can see the new timeshare in person, coordination with the new timeshare company to arrange a presentation which includes negotiation to trade-in the old timeshare.  At the end of the day, the negotiations to trade-in the old timeshare for the new one will be up to you and the new timeshare company, but we can help and advise you every step along the way.

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