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It is a company dedicated to the timeshare secondary market. Basically, we are experts in the business of timeshare.
Learn how to legally and effectively get out of a timeshare contract with our expert guidance. Avoid costly mistakes and regain your financial freedom.

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Get out of Timeshare

Four Great Exit Strategies

Learn about the top Four Great Exit Strategies for timeshare ownership and make an informed decision. Get expert advice and guidance today.

Rent it

This can be a good option to help recover maintenance fees and investment costs while retaining ownership. While this technically is not an actual exit option, because you are still retaining ownership. It is a good option for those who would like to hold onto their timeshare long term, but would like the flexibility of being able to rent it on the years they are not using it. This could also be a good option for those who opt for timeshare exit strategies which have a longer process, such as the resale or trade-in options.

Resell timeshare

Resale it

Listing your timeshare for resale is a good option, especially if you own a more popular property with a decent resale value. Reselling your timeshare gives you the opportunity to exit it and make a little cash back. It is important to keep in mind, however, that timeshares rarely maintain their value on the secondary market and sometimes the resale process can take months or even years.

trade in timeshare


Trading-in a timeshare is a very similar transaction to that of trading a used car for a new car. With a trade-in option, you would be “trading-in” the old timeshare for a new timeshare which you like more. The first step to doing a trade-in is to get an appraisal, which our agents can do for you for no additional cost. The second step is to analyze how you are vacationing now and determine which timeshare might be a better fit for you. Once that is determined, our agents can arrange for you to travel to stay on the property and attend a sales presentation with the new developer. The new developer would then make you an offer to trade-in the old timeshare by giving a discount off of the new timeshare. This is generally the only timeshare exit strategy which allows you to receive consideration close to what it is actually selling for in the primary market (what you paid for the timeshare).


TSR charges a $495 advisory fee for trade-in services. This includes the property appraisal (done ahead of time for free), the  interview to help you discover which new timeshare might be a better fit for you, arrangement for discounted travel so you can see the new timeshare in person, coordination with the new timeshare company to arrange a presentation which includes negotiation to trade-in the old timeshare.  At the end of the day, the negotiations to trade-in the old timeshare for the new one will be up to you and the new timeshare company, but we can help and advise you every step along the way.

exit timeshare

Straight Exit

This is usually the quickest and the most straightforward exit strategy. In this option, for qualifying resorts, our team of advisors will guide you in exiting your timeshare membership completely. This service usually takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months (on average), but is generally the fastest way to exit a timeshare. We will prepare all the documentation and assist with coordination with your timeshare company to ensure that you are able to exit the timeshare and the timeshare obligations.


TSR charges $2995 for exit consulting  services, which is usually what you pay in 2 to 3 years of maintenance fees anyway.  If you opt for this option, we can throw in some other good stuff to help you recover some of the original cost of purchasing the timeshare. Please contact one of our agents today to find out what those other benefits are and to discuss the likelihood of being able to successfully exit you.  Our consultations are 100% free.

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