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Timeshare Recyclers is dedicated to promoting the interests of the secondary market for the timeshare industry. We are comprised of timeshare resellers, renters, and trade-in companies who work hard every day to sell, rent, or trade timeshares on the secondary market. Many of our members are also representatives of HOA´s (home owners associations), RMCs (resort management companies), travel clubs, and active primary sales rooms who believe in the importance of supporting the timeshare secondary market.

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So you decided to visit paradise in the Riviera Maya? GREAT!!! It's time for you to get the inside scoop with Riviera Maya 101. Beware, the information below is extremely cool:


As you already know, any international traveler must have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the “return home” date and have two or more blank pages, which means they don’t want you to fall in love with paradise (mission impossible) and stay there more than you should. You don’t need to apply for a visa before entering Mexico, the air crew on your flight will provide a visitor’s permit (FMM) that you will be required to present to the immigration agent, who will grant a maximum duration of authorized stay of 180 days. Hey! You are all welcome here!


Mexico’s official currency is the Mexican Peso but most of the hotels, shops, attractions, accept US dollars or Euros. There is a currency restriction for entry or exit of US$ 10,000.

Best Time to Visit

The Riviera Maya is a paradise all year round, but in case you are not very fond of the rain or spring breakers, here are the details:

Peak season: Get ready to bump to a LOT of people walking up and down Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue, if you visit during Spring Break. Most of them are college students that will spend the day at the beach and the night at 12th Street. Oh, the good old days...
Also, on July (Summer time & school holidays) you will find a lot of families (add a lot of kids, grandparents, aunts, the dog and maybe the parrot as well) December (Christmas & New Year) and January.

Rainy season: From May to November, that includes a hurricane season from June to November. Although it has been years since the last time a tornado hit the Riviera Maya. This also means, not so many people, a lot of rain, but hey, it’s the Caribbean! You’ll still see a lot of sunny days and the heat on June and July will remind you of an oven. Have you ever been too close to the oven? It’s something like that.

Must See Places

Mexican Caribbean has so much to offer, so much to see! There are lots of theme parks that you will hear about since the minute you step on Cancun’s airport. Xcaret group has a variety of parks for every interest. And there is even a Cirque du Soleil theatre! But if you really want to get to know the Riviera Maya, these are the places you should visit:

Cenotes:  These were underground rivers but their roofs collapsed. They were sacred entrances to the underworld to the Mayans who used to call it Xibalba, “place of fear”. Nowadays, they are not very frightening but they are stunning pits of different shades of blue and green water. There are many of them all along the Riviera Maya, some of the most famous ones are Dos Ojos, Chac Mool, El Edén and Gran Cenote. But it doesn’t matter which one you visit, they are all worth it.
*Careful, water is as cold as you-know-who’s heart. Well, actually it’s 24 ºC (75.2 ºF) but it can feel really cold compared to the 30 ºC (86 ºF) of the air temperature.

Mayan Ruins in Tulum: You can find Mayan ruins all over the Yucatan Peninsula, parts of Guatemala and Belize. But the ones in Tulum are situated on a 12-meter tall cliff by the coast. Kind of a Summer palace. You can glare at the Caribbean Sea while you tour through the ruins and then go down the stairs to spend the afternoon on the amazing beach. Just perfect.

Akumal Beach:  Yes, it’s hard to choose ONE beach, but this one is home to many sea turtles. You will spot them in the bottom eating their favorite weed. Get your snorkel on and swim with them!

Cozumel Island: This is Mexico’s largest Caribbean island and THE place to snorkel, you’ll be able to see part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest one in the world. On land, it holds the sanctuary of the goddess Ixchel among other interesting Mayan ruins. In San Miguel, the town on the island, you will find a lot of bars and beach clubs if your are more the “Just leave me here, lying on the beach with my beer” type.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere: Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for being home to thousands of flora and fauna species. The biosphere gives the perfect opportunity to enjoy and explore nature. Bring a lot of ecological mosquito repellent. You’re welcome
Must Eat

Of course you will find Mexican food like tacos and quesadillas, but the Riviera Maya doesn’t really have a traditional dish, however due to the fact that most of the locals come from all over the Yucatan Peninsula, this is the food that we could call regional, Yucatecan food. Just don’t be a hero, habanero chile is one of the hottest in the country, unless you are really used to really spicy food, ask ALWAYS if that sauce in front of you is made with habanero. Remember, never touch your face nor eyes after eating something with chile. Sounds dumb but believe us, we have all done it. Some of the typical dishes you should try are:




Cochinita Pibil


Sopa de lima

But if you are not in an adventurous food mood, the Riviera Maya is famous for its international cuisine options. You can try Italian, French, Arabic, Argentinian, Japanese, Chinese…And, yes fast food...

Events You Shouldn't Miss

Although known for the incredible beaches, ruins and nightlife, the region has become over the years, a promoter of cultural and sports tourism. From films to golf, there seems to be events for everyone’s interests. Some of them are:

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival: Jazz masters show their talents, usually on December.

Riviera Maya Film Festival: Enjoy the best films from all around the globe, they even show movies at the beach! On July.

Hanal Pixan: This is the Day of the Dead, but has nothing to do with darkness, it is a celebration, a way to honor the souls of deceased family members and friends that “visit” their loved ones on those days. They put up decorated altars and prepare traditional food, this is one of the times of the year when everything is kind of magical, mystique, sided with a huge amount of food. From October 31st to November 2nd.

OHL Classic: Mayakoba Resort hosts this great golf tournament, México’s only PGA TOUR event, with over 100 professional golfers competing at the Greg Norman-designed El Camaleón Golf Club. On November.


These are basic, general recommendations to make your trip to the Riviera Maya kind of ideal:

Carry a copy of your prescriptions. Avoid having a bad experience, medicines are not the same in every country and some components may suppose an issue if you are not able to present a prescription or doctor’s letter.

Arrange the price with the cab driver before boarding. This is one of the best advices you will get. Some cab drivers are not as honest as they should. Make sure you make an agreement with them before you are already in the car.

Tip between 15-20%. No need for an explanation here, this is the minimum they will expect. And you shouldn’t mess with the people handling your food.

DON’T drink tap water. This is something you should never do. Unless you really know the place and you are sure the water is safe. Buy bottled water, spend your days touring or lying on the beach, not sick in bed.

Use your hands. We mean it, it’s really weird to see someone eating tacos using a fork and a knife. Don’t give locals a reason to laugh at you!


Basic Spanish words, but don’t worry, almost everyone speaks English:

HOLA               Hello

ADIÓS             Goodbye

GRACIAS         Thank you

SÍ                     Yes

NO                   No

POR FAVOR     Please

SIN CHILE        Not spicy

MÁS                 More       

We hope this little guide helps you plan your travel to the Riviera Maya! For information on where to stay, click here.

Click on the image below to save it on your phone to check out this essential information even without phone data or wi-fi.

*Photos credits to their talented owners.


Our thoughts

The timeshare industry along with the fleet of the entire global economy sailed unknowingly into the financial storm of the 2008 financial crisis. This left many businesses sinking into the dark crushing depths of uncertainty. Those businesses and industries that did not sink were now struggling to stay afloat, burdened with a financial weight that they could not support; they collectively jettisoned millions of employees. Those millions of the newly unemployed were left adrift in a financially empty ocean abandoned in the vast nothingness.

The timeshare industry has arrived in the abandon ship era

The flagships of the timeshare industry such as Marriott, Wyndham, Starwood, Hilton, Disney, Bluegreen and Silver Leaf managed to remain positively buoyant. However, smaller companies of the primary timeshare market had been less able to navigate the storm, and a number had succumbed to bankruptcy. Many timeshare members were and are still desperate to sell timeshares and leave the timeshare industry altogether. Effectively the timeshare industry had arrived in the abandon ship era, with a large amount of timeshare members throwing their timeshares overboard, and others simply jumping overboard to escape a financial anchor and a doomed ship. During the attempted mass exodus numerous timeshare members were ambushed by scam and fraudulent timeshare resale and timeshare relief companies. Pirates who caught many in the industry off guard who roamed unchallenged tarnished the industry name and stole $100,000s from timeshare members and the timeshare industry itself.

Timeshare as a luxury item and a risky lifestyle investment

Make no mistake that today’s consumer eyes view timeshare as a luxury item and a risky lifestyle investment in a time of still turbulent seas. Also that there are still a large percentage of timeshare owners throwing their timeshare memberships overboard to timeshare relief companies, and that many members still want to abandon ship. The blue skies and calm seas of the timeshare industry are far behind us and dry land is still a long way off. A bleak economic outlook has dimmed consumer spirits and we are sailing blind in rocky waters under the blanketing fog of uncertainty. The problem is big but only as big as we allow it to be. If we don’t cooperate with each other and recognize our symbiant relation allows our industry to survive and flourish then we are only making the problem more complicated and thus bigger.

The timeshare industry has lost the wind in its sales

Compared to the height of its success during 2007 the timeshare industry had lost the wind in its sales, and literally sales margins dropped off almost as much as 40% during 2009. Average annual maintenance costs hit an all-time high of $730 during 2010, up a staggering 8% than the prior year. Net timeshare originations plunged 35% to $6.3 billion in 2009 and were down over 38% from its height during 2007. The wind is slowly starting to change and the timeshare industry is witnessing a slight annual growth and promise in the market with credit access returning to the industry in the shape of large lenders such as Capital One. The progression is a slow as the financial time of high-risk high-reward big risk taking has faded and passed and now the dawn of the low risk is slowly creeping over the horizon. It seems that the waves have died down and the initial panic has subsided. It would appear that for now the financial storm is passing or we have simply underestimated its magnitude and are merely residing in the temporary safety that is its eye. Either way for now, the lost wind is returning to the timeshare industry’s sails. The timeshare industry needs to regenerate viable revenue streams that since the 2008 financial downturn are now stagnant through means of innovation and member retention. Timeshare resale and trade-in companies need a more prominent position in the market and should be considered as valuable revenue resources by HOAs and RMCs.

“To plug the holes and prevent the timeshare industry from sinking” The state of Florida has taken drastic action to combat pirate acts of fraud and scamming in the timeshare industry by passing the Florida Timeshare Resale Accountability Act. Several other states are following suite and are in the process of passing similar laws to the Florida Timeshare Resale Accountability Act to protect timeshare members and repair the PR damage caused by scammers and fraudsters and optimize timeshare member retention. These are collective efforts to plug the holes and prevent the timeshare industry from sinking under the weight of bad press. This also increases consumer confidence making potential members less gun shy and more likely to pull the trigger on a timeshare purchase, which is great news for the primary market. Consumer confidence in our product is essential in order for the timeshare industry to slowly recuperate its losses, regenerate profits and renew dried up revenue streams with a fresh flow of capital.

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The timeshare industry needs timeshare rental companies. There are numerous HOA´s and RMC´s with highly valuable inventory that need your services to supply desperately needed revenue streams. TSR is dedicated to protecting your best interests and helping connect reliable timeshare rental companies with the resorts that need them. The TSR is currently developing a CRM system especially designed to meet the needs of timeshare rental companies and aid timeshare rental companies in becoming more dynamic.


Let us face it if you are a timeshare reseller; you have your work cut out for you. You are under the spotlight right now. Not only do you have to double your efforts to successfully resell timeshare memberships but also you now have to be aware of new legislation, already passed in Florida and pending in several other states, that alters your legal obligations.

We know that the timeshare industry desperately needs your timeshare resale services (how else are legacy resorts going to replenish their atrophying member base without some form of timeshare resale activity?), and that often yours is a thankless job, which is why we want to help. It is vitally important right now, that timeshare reseller’s band together to develop best practices to increase the effectiveness of the secondary market, but to also ensure that any legislation passed concerning the timeshare resale market stops only the bad guys, not the good ones.


The timeshare industry is shifting beneath our feet. Timeshare consumers are far better informed and have significantly more vacation options than ever before. Our legacy owners are aging and their needs are changing. The children of legacy timeshare owners, as well as prospective new owners, are less and less willing to commit to a lifetime of maintenance fees. Traditional fee simple HOA managed business models are no longer the most convenient legal structures for timeshare companies to operate in.

First-time timeshare consumers are more and more aware of the secondary market. With our industry in such a state of flux, it is important for all aspects of the industry to work together to overcome our collective challenges. Ignoring the secondary market or the needs of timeshare consumers is not the answer.

In fact, the secondary timeshare market offers solutions that increase owner flexibility and retention, maintenance fee receivables, and greater inventory control for HOAs and primary market companies. Recycling timeshare inventory by uniting the primary and secondary markets will result in happier consumers, stable HOA´s, and liquidity in primary market inventory.


If you are a timeshare trade-in company, you are probably misunderstood. There is a lot of confusion in the timeshare industry about timeshare trade-in companies: are you a timeshare relief company, a reseller, a renter, or a consignment company?

Many in the timeshare industry are unaware that timeshare trade-ins even exist and are even less likely to know that they are a great exit strategy for the whole industry. 

TSR completely supports the work of timeshare trade-in companies, and offers a series of proprietary CRM transfer systems designed for helping you to efficiently and successfully transfer your memberships.