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Why a Timeshare Beats a Hotel, Every Time

Why a timeshare beats a hotel

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Why a Timeshare Beats a Hotel, Every Time

When planning your next holiday, it will pay to be creative in researching where to stay.

While many opt for a hotel – assuming superior service, better facilities, or for mere simplicity – the benefits of a timeshare frequently outweigh even the best of hotel experiences.

If you are on a budget and have a group of demanding travelers to please, look no further for a revealing insight into your vacation inspiration.

Budget friendly


You’d be amazed at the value of a timeshare, whether taken for a single week or owned over a number of years. Pick prime season or choose the quieter (but no less sunny!) months, you can always bag a bargain in even the most desirable destinations.

If you travel frequently as a group or enjoy holidays with family, a villa can accommodate many guests at a fraction of the cost of multiple hotel rooms – an oft-forgotten fact when finalizing arrangements.

Supplement this saving with additional facilities and the traditional holiday expenses suddenly become all the more manageable.

Fully Serviced

You’ve cut the room bill in half, just imagine if you could achieve the same savings on food?!

Well, the most indulgent amenity of the timeshare allows just that. Each villa will doubtless have its own well-appointed kitchen to show off all manner of culinary creativity, meaning fewer splurges on expensive restaurants.

The countries we visit have wonderful produce, so it is incredibly simple to rustle up unbeatable banquets to enjoy alongside a bottle (or two!) of the island’s finest vintage.

All for a nominal cost when compared with that bar tab for twelve…

Fully serviced

Pristine Privacy

A holiday should centre on escape: from work, from stress and - most of all – from the crowds of home. So, why lock yourself in a hotel room?

A timeshare is a beautifully secluded option that not only gives you your own living area in which to enjoy a cocktail, it guarantees a sense of serene solitude that a hotel just cannot match. No shared walls with strangers who stay up until the early hours; no noisy corridors to disturb the peace.

Bag a sun-lounger for the week and rest in idle tranquility in the oasis of your own private garden.


Enjoy the Pool

The majority of timeshares will also boast their own pool. While perhaps not in the order of magnitude of those at a hotel, nothing beats a few early morning lengths without others creating a ripple – that is, until the children appear to splash about…

But safe in the knowledge of no strangers to upset, younger travellers can have run of the water without other disgruntled guests making a complaint.


Live at Your Own Pace

There is no better way to dive into foreign culture than immersing yourself in the lifestyle, and a timeshare offers the opportunity to do just that. Come and go as you please with no concerns for what time reception may close, or if you have to make it down in time for breakfast.

Vacation living reserves a special pace of life and you should be the one to dictate. The inherent freedom of the villa is a magical escape from the scheduled routines of home.

Flexible Space

Not only will you find rooms of superior quality when staying in a timeshare, the flexibility of the space can be a great benefit as well. If you are travelling with younger children, then choosing who sleeps where becomes that much easier.

Moreover, if you need to accommodate a friend who has popped over for dinner, there is always a sofa on hand if they need to get their head down.


So, whether enjoying the superiority of the amenities, the ultimate in vacation flexibility, or your own private poolside decking - the timeshare has to be top of mind when booking your next escape.

You may even spot a bargain to add a little extra currency to the activities budget, so what are you waiting for? Get booking today!

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