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The TOP 5 Timeshare Brands in North America

With the rise in popularity of timeshare properties throughout North America and beyond; If you are thinking about investing in a timeshare property, knowing the whos-who of the timeshare world is more important than ever before.

Offering access to premium amenities and partial ownership of a condo, cottage, vacation rental in and out of a resort gives those who invest in timeshares a home-from-home vacation experience that is dependable, predictable, and often in a sought after or popular location. This gives you an affordable and dependable vacation option for your family that is easy to book and even easier to plan.

The reason we have chosen these as the best timeshare brands in North America is due to these five key measurables:

  • Flexibility and freedom of choice

  • High-Quality of furnishings and facilities

  • Extensive global reach for exchange vacations

  • Premium resort amenities

  • Established and trusted timeshare providers

If you are thinking about investing in a timeshare for yourself, you will want to read on to get a clear understanding of who the biggest and best brands are in North America for timeshare properties in 2018.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club (DVC)

The Disney Timeshare offering operates predominantly on a points basis, and they provide different benefits and options through a range of different points packages. You have one resort that is classified as your home resort which you can book up to 11 months in advance, for any other Disney resort, you can book seven months in advance. Disney Vacation Club currently operates across 14 different resorts, and they also operate Disney Cruises. One of the most-loved features of this timeshare option is the flexibility it offers to guests. Not only can you use your points at any of the 14 resorts, you can use them at Resort Hotels located in Japan, France, Florida, Hong Kong, California, and aboard the Cruise Liners as well. While you can use points on non-Disney vacations, you get the best value when you use them at a resort. Also, discounts are offered on Annual Disney passes; and you can pre-purchase a dining plan if required

The units all come with superb locations and are decorated to a higher standard than the Disney Hotel rooms. With a Disney timeshare, you are essentially locking-in an annual vacation at Disney for your family, the reason this is one of the best timeshare brands in the US is due to the appeal and emotional value that only a Disney Vacation can give to the entire family.

If you are considering purchasing a new timeshare at DVC, there are attractive incentives on offer. For up to date information on available incentives, please visit DVCnews.com

Worldmark by Wyndham

Worldmark by Wyndham is a globally recognized brand, offering access to more than 60 different resorts. Their impressive list of vacation ownership options means that you can vacation in some of the county’s most beautiful places, for life. Choose from sea, sand, ski, mountain resorts, and lakeside retreats. There is something for everyone with Worldmark, and their destinations are simply incredible.

Due to their global affiliations, holidaying internationally is also included in their extensive offering. Partnering with RCI, one of the world’s largest timeshare brands means that you can get exchange access to thousands of resorts globally.

The way the Worldmark scheme operates gives you complete flexibility to stay at any resort, at any time, and this is a standout feature of this scheme. This feature is what makes this such an appealing option for timeshare owners. The points you buy are yours for life and Worldmark even allows you to pass your points down onto your children, with no expiry date.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club

The reach of the Hilton Empire is phenomenal. It offers easy and enjoyable vacation ownership in some of the world’s most desirable locations; from Hawaii to Hong Kong, Scotland to South Beach and beyond. Access to more than 4500 hotel locations in 91 countries and more than 4000 exchange options make the Hilton Grand Vacation Club a timeshare giant who cannot be disregarded. The period you purchase can be rented out, sold or passed on to children. Unit sizes range from Studio through to three-bedroom lodges, and they are all furnished and decorated to the highest of standards.

With a Hilton Timeshare, you are assured of Luxury, and your vacation potential is maximized with the extensive reach globally that this timeshare brand provides. Operating entirely on a points-based system, you are given freedom and flexibility to book vacations all year long, with destinations and resorts to suit all ages and tastes.

Marriott Vacation Club

The Marriott Vacation Club has 55 resorts globally, they were the first major company of their kind to enter into the timeshare space, and their destinations and resorts are said to be some of the more desirable in the timeshare industry. Giving you access to extensive luxury and premium amenities makes Marriott a firm favorite and a worthy contender when comparing the best timeshare brands in the US. They cater for family vacations, romantic escapes and more. They offer two options, giving their customers the option to purchase a weeks ownership or a points-based ownership system.

Hyatt Residence Club

The Hyatt timeshare option operates solely within the US and is a trusted and established provider of timeshare vacation properties. Formerly known as the Hyatt Vacation Club, this brand is synonymous with high-quality, affordable timeshare options. You purchase a specific week, rather than working from a points-based system, however you are able to exchange your week for any other Hyatt resort. At present, there are around 22 Hyatt resorts and that number is growing all the time. With the Hyatt brand, you are assured of premium luxury and the same high-standards regardless of which resort you choose to stay in.

When you become a member of the Hyatt Residence Club, you instantly receive a membership with Interval International; this then opens up the opportunity to take your vacation at more than 3000 resorts internationally. Even if you purchase a Hyatt Residence Club resale at a discounted price, you get the same benefits as if you had purchased the timeshare yourself.

By opting to purchase a timeshare with one of the biggest brands in North America, you get the added benefit of having more locations to choose from, the assurance of high-quality accommodations, premium resort amenities, and peace of mind that you are investing in a successful and long-standing trusted timeshare brand with a superb customer reputation. For more information about the best timeshare brands available give us a call today: 888-287-4188 or check out our timeshare resale page today!

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