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The Definitive Hilton Head Island Attraction Guide

Hilton Head Harbor and Lighthouse

Hilton Head Island

Southern hospitality, luxurious scenery, and exceptional natural beauty, all packed into one.

Holidays are an essential part of life. When work pressure accumulates for too long, going on vacation could bring some much-needed relief. Some people choose to take their friends or family, or just relax by themselves on vacation. Whatever you choose, that's your prerogative. The place for your vacation, however, should be a place where you can relax and have fun.  One of the east coast’s favorite vacation spots these days is Hilton Head Island.  Find everything there is know about this beautiful tourist destination in Timeshare Recyclers' Hilton Head guide.

About Hilton Head Island

Southern hospitality, luxurious scenery and exceptional natural beauty all packed into one - this is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hilton Head is the biggest island on the south atlantic coast. This eco-conscious and friendly community is located in the “low country" between Beaufort, South Carolina, often considered to be one of the best small towns in the south to visit, and Savannah, Georgia often considered to be one of the best southern cities to visit.

Every year, more than two million people go to Hilton Head Island to find a relaxing, sunbathing spot. The largest island located on the coast of Georgia has been developed as a tourist paradise, carefully divided into zones, ecologically sensitive and always with a sense of respect for the history and natural munificence of this unique place. Hilton Head possesses a natural beauty that remains unscathed in spite of its modernized towns and cities. The island is the home of many unique species of wildlife, including deer, alligators, many bird species, and the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle. With its mild winters, luxurious lifestyle, and intimate landscapes, Hilton Head is an ideal destination for those who want a western style climate in an east coast location.

After your first day basking in the warm southern sunshine, swimming in the cold waves of the sea, strolling through endless sandy beaches, and being an absolute beach bum, you will surely want to explore the other water adventures awaiting you on the island! Parasailing trips offer a breathtaking panoramic view of Calibogue Sound and the Daufuskie Island, while calmly floating in the air. If you are looking for swiftly paced water fun, hit the waves on a jet ski and enjoy the wind sliding through your hair while running to hop over the waves. With a few rental boats nearby, rent a skiing boat for a day of water skiing and wakeboarding with your friends and family. Be sure to discover the beautiful beaches that await you!

The Main Attractions

Hilton Head Beach Sunset

The Beaches

Hilton Head offers over 12 miles of pristine beaches, allowing easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the basic reasons why Hilton Head attracts plenty of people to this charming destination. To enjoy the beach season, visitors come to the area every year between the 1st of April and 30th of September. Below are some of the beaches to choose from during your visit.

General Beach information: click here to view general beach information including restrictions, permit requirements, as well as tips and emergency numbers for visitors.

Coligny Beach Fountains

Coligny Beach

Coligny is one of the most popular beaches in Hilton Head. It is an active family beach and is almost indispensable when vacationing on the Hilton Head Island. Coligny is a lively beach, but it is not private at all. Here, you will meet a mix of locals and visitors who enjoy the wide-open sand.

Amenities include: outdoor showers, changing rooms, restrooms, beach chair and umbrella rentals, swings and wooden chairs under shaded gazebos.  The beach is also wheelchair accessible with beach matting down to the water and seasonal lifeguards on duty. Coligny Beach even offers free Wifi!

Parking: free parking is available right across the street.  There are also racks to lock up your bicycle, along with several transit services directly from the different hotels and resorts on the island.

Folly Field Beach

Folly Field Beach

Folly Field Beach offers a little more silence than you would get from Coligny Beach at Hilton Head. The good thing about Folly Field beach is that the parking lot is very close to where the beach is. Enjoy a day in the sun while the kids enjoy the surf and sand! Nothing says vacation like a day at the beach!

Amenities include: restrooms, vending machines, water fountains, sand showers, a wooden boardwalk to the beach, and the beach is wheelchair accessible as well.

Parking: is not free for Folly Field Beach, and in limited supply.  All parking spaces are numbered, use the Master Meter located at the boardwalk entrance to pay for your spot.  Be aware that the HIlton Head Island Police regularly check up on the parking meters at all beaches!

Driessen Beach

Driessen Beach

If you're searching for a cool playground area for your kids at Hilton Head, this is the place to be. The Driessen Beach is located in the middle of the island and has lots of parking spaces, and the promenade goes on forever.

Amenities include: a picnic table pavilion, grill, playground, bathrooms, water fountains, and outdoor showers at the beach house.

Parking: this beach offers one of the largest parking lots available at all of the beaches, with over 200 numbered spaces. Again, be sure to pay for your spot at the Master Meter, located by the restrooms

Alder Lane Beach Access

Alder Lane Beach

Alder Lane Beach is a great place to be for a Hilton Head Island Beach holiday. It manages to be near the action without being in the center of it. Located south of Coligny Beach, the beach is a good alternative to the sometimes busy rhythm you'll find at Coligny.

Amenities include: restrooms, outdoor showers, and beach-matting near the water, allowing for access by the physically handicapped.

Parking: is available via metered parking across the street.  Be sure to fill your meter, or face the wrath of the local meter maid!

Palmetto Golf

World Class Golf

Hilton Head golf courses are undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions on the island. Oceans, mild climate, sunny skies, and exquisite landscapes combine to create the perfect golf courses. Golf is always available throughout the year when you visit low country.

Hilton Head Golf Courses have always been recognized and rewarded by enthusiasts and golf professionals. The quality of the courses which are carefully maintained makes the island one of the best golf tourist destinations.

When looking for the right golf course at Hilton Head Island, you will find more than 20 exclusive courses for golfers of all levels. Of these courses, there are four that consistently rank among top 100 in the United States every year. For the best golf vacation at Hilton Head Island, you definitely want to try your skills at one of the following courses:

Coastal Discovery Museum

Wildlife & Nature Discovery

Hilton Head also serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, so if you and your family love the gathering of animals, there will be many opportunities to visit the wild locals. Some residents include alligators, large water birds, deer, wild cats, wild boars, and the endangered loggerhead sea turtle. 

While visiting the island guests can expect to hear the calls of cardinals and mockingbirds by day, the hooting of the barred owl at night, along with the bobwhite quail whistle at dawn.  White tailed deer can be seen across the island's bio preserves, usually visible during dusk or evening hours.  And then there is the loggerhead sea turtles, alligators, and bullfrogs a plenty.

The Coastal Discovery Museum

For a guided nature tour, check out the Coastal Discovery Museum (a Smithsonian Affiliate).  The museum offers excursions that include the sights of natural landmarks such as the Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and the Audubon-Newhall Reserve, including such activities as kayaking, history walks, discovery lectures, art events, and horseback tours. The museum also offer wildlife discovery tours and activities including butterfly discovery, dolphin cruises, flora discovery, bird watching, and blue crab discovery, just to name a few!

Many of these activities book up fast, so take a moment to call ahead and reserve your spot: 843-689-6767!

Alternatively, head over to their official website for more detailed information, including daily schedules and an online booking calendar!

Hilton Head Cycling

A Bicycler's Paradise

One of the things you should try on the Hilton Head Island is biking. A lot of bike trails on the island existed ever since the modern development. About half of the biking routes at Hilton Head are located in gated communities of the island. These paths are intended for community users and visitors who reside in one of the rental houses or timeshares.

In addition to private biking paths in the gated communities, there is an additional 50 miles of biking paths in the public spaces. Public roads on the island include common trails for pedestrians and bicycles, as well as bicycle paths on main roads. These biking paths lead to numerous parks and public services, including access to some of the beautiful beaches on the island. These roads are open to all, residents and visitors.

The two different bike path systems at Hilton Head make the island one of the most desirable biking areas in the country. They are perfect for those who want to explore the natural beauty of the island and can serve those who want to get some exercise, as well as those who want an alternative and environmentally friendly way to reach the parks, beaches, and other island services.

Harbour Town, Hilton Head Island

Satisfying Sightseeing

When you visit Hilton Head, a trip to Harbour Town makes a great sightseeing tour. Within Harbour Town one can golf at the awarding winning links club, the only golf course on the island to host the PGA Tour: the RBC Heritage. One can shop in the expansive commercial area, with over 20 independently owned and operated clothing stores, boutiques, jewelry stores, art galleries, gift and craft stores, t-shirt and specialty gift shops.

While adventuring or shopping, don’t forget to take in a delicious meal in one of Harbour Town’s many restaurants, cafes, bakeries, ice cream shops, or fine dining establishments. Harbour Town offers numerous waterfront venues to enjoy a fantastic meal in the evening while watching to sun set over the water.

And of course, be sure to enjoy all of the other amenities the area has to offer such as tennis, water skiing, jet skiing, power boating, and parasailing, among many other activities. Or just take a leisurely stroll on the area’s pathways and streets, maybe stop by the marina and take in the view of the many gorgeous yachts anchored here. While visiting the marina you may also want to take a little trip to the local lighthouse, where, for a small fee, you can climb to the top of the structure and enjoy the scenic view that Harbour Town has to offer!

Other Attractions

Be sure to check out all of the major attractions offered on the island, but you may also be interested in some of the other, “minor”, attractions listed here:

  • Shelter Cove Towne Centre – featuring excellent shops, great restaurants, as well as residences for sale!
  • Daufuskie Island – a luxury enclave with high end shops, golfing, art galleries, and restaurants. Reachable only by ferry or boat!
  • The Village at Wexford – a spacious luxury outdoor mall featuring 30 opulent shops.
Arts and Entertainment
Nature and Wildlife
For the Kids

Omni Resort, Hilton Head


Vacationing on Hilton Head Island can include such a wide range of activities that it is almost impossible to list them all here. From the perfect beach vacation, to amazing golf courses, Hilton Head offers the ideal getaway for tranquil relaxation, or an action packed adventure for you and your family!

Check out Timeshare Recyclers' inventory of Hilton Head Island timeshares for sale today, and plan your Hilton Head Island vacation now!

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