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Resorts For Nature Lovers

Everybody looks forward to their vacations, a time to really get away from the stress of day-to-day life. Today, more and more people are looking for options that get away from the fast-paced modern life, and nature vacations are growing in popularity as a result. For nature lovers, and anyone just wanting a break from the tech-dominated world we live in, there are a number of options to choose from, with different resorts all over the country that allow us to see the natural beauty we often take for granted.

There are several types of resort for nature lovers, and which one suits you really depends on what you want for your vacation, and your budget. The good news is that with such a wide choice of approaches, your nature vacations can be different every time, and fit your needs perfectly, whatever they may be.

Health Focused

While many of us believe that simply getting out amongst nature is healthy in itself, these resorts take the health aspect further. Some are built around hot springs that bring the natural restorative properties of nutrient-rich waters to give your health a boost, while other spa resorts focus on the scientific use of natural substances to provide beneficial treatments that relax, calm and rejuvenate. These are great for those who simply want a truly relaxing experience, and who appreciate being pampered while making the most of the abilities of natural products to reinvigorate and heal our bodies. 

Dunton Hot Springs

Built upon a former ghost town, this Colorado resort features log cabins that are luxuriously equipped, but it is the hot springs themselves that make this such a standout destination. 

Miraval Resort and Spa

Mixing the beauty of nature with the serene, relaxing and calming ability of Yoga, Miraval is a true natural health resort. Take yoga classes among the rugged Arizona scenery and feel closer to the natural world than ever before. Dip into those hot waters and the power of nature becomes clear. It’s intensely relaxing, and makes you feel great!

Traditional Nature Resorts

A log cabin down by the lake, a beautiful hotel sat in the shadows of a tree covered mountain range or a timeshare rental on the edge of a national park. All of these are great examples of true nature vacations, positioned to give you the opportunity to go out every day and explore the wonders that the natural world has to offer. With such a variety of different options available, there is something for every budget, and whether it is getting out there on your own or following guided tours, you get hands-on with the beauty of nature every day.Perfect for any nature lovers, you can choose your style, go it alone or follow a group, it’s all down to you. Location matters of course, even from state to state here in the U.S. the natural world changes dramatically, but that experience, of wonder and amazement at what you find when you leave our man-made world behind to see what nature has to offer, that is always the same.

Mohonk Mountain House

If you like your nature with a side of grand hotel, there are none grander than this. It may be only 90 miles north of New York City, but it is a whole different world. From the Victorian castle itself that makes up the hotel, to the miles of hiking, skiing, mountain biking and other nature activities around, you step out of the hotel and into a true natural wonderland.

Trinity Lake Resort

A vacation down by the lake, or even on it! Trinity Lake Resort has everything, from traditional cabin rental on the shore of the lake to a houseboat on the water, you can choose the perfect accommodation to fit your needs. Outside, whether you fancy some fishing on the lake or hiking through the forests, horseback riding or river rafting, its all easily accessed from your holiday home.

Rustic Resorts

Melding the idea of nature vacations and eco-friendly life, these resorts are perhaps the route to experience nature in its purest form. Camping by a Hawaii beach or a grass and soil hut in the forest, these rustic resorts use sustainable accommodations in a variety of ways, to place you right in nature itself from the start. For some nature lovers, there may be a little too much nature, and not enough vacation, although some do maintain a few luxury touches for those that enjoy the finer things.As an experience, these rustic resorts aim to immerse you in the natural world in a way that most others cannot do. Whether that is your idea of a nature vacation or not is going to be a personal thing, but if you long to get back to basics, then perhaps the rustic resort is for you.

Ultima Thule Lodge

Set in the wilderness of Alaska, it is only reachable by airplane, and with its rustic cabins set in the middle of the 13-million acres of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, this is as far from civilization as most of us are likely to get.  There’s hiking, fishing, kayaking and other activities on offer, but the main attraction is to literally ‘get away from it all’. 

Lova Lava Land

Not the traditional idea of a Hawaii vacation by any means, but this combination of an old lava field and off-grid, green accommodation is inspiring. Whether you choose a beautiful yurt or a renovated Volkswagen Camper, you get to enjoy a truly off-grid experience and take a step back from modern life for a few days.

Adventure Resorts

If you say you like nature vacations to many people, they will imagine a relaxing time, wandering through an ancient forest or admiring the scenery at a national park, and for many it is. But for some, nature vacations mean adventure, and there are resorts that deliver adventure by the truckload.Whether it's kayaking on whitewater, horseback riding, flying down zip lines, or overnight hikes through the wilderness, if you have a taste for something more exciting, they can deliver it all, and then some. 

Adventures on the Gorge

If you like the water, this is the adventure resort for you. Located next to the Gauley River in West Virginia, from this resort you can access some of the world’s best white water rafting right on your doorstep. Zip line through the tree canopy, rock climbing and a wealth of other activities add plenty of variety, a true adventure destination.

Angel Fire Resort

If your idea of adventure is skiing down the slopes, then Angel Fire Resort can provide some of the best natural snow adventures you can find. However, when the snow melts and Summer appears, you can mountain bike down those same natural, aggressive slopes, zipline through the trees, hike in the woods or kayak on the lake. A true all year-round adventure in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in New Mexico.

Luxury Resorts

Now, some may think this is entirely contradictory, but it really isn’t. Nature lovers really can enjoy a big helping of luxury to accompany their nature vacations today. With so many amazing parks and other natural habitats available for us to visit, it shouldn’t be surprising that many luxury hotels, timeshare resales, and other luxurious properties can be found within easy reach of spectacular natural attractions. Many have tailored packages that not only treat you to the most luxurious experience you can imagine but also help you make the most of the natural world on your doorstep. This can be through organized treks, individual guides, or expert advice on hand to help you plan your day. If you like the thought of relaxing in luxury at the end of a day exploring nature, then a luxury resort is definitely for you.

Salish Lodge & Spa

The location is the first thing that strikes you, it sits on top of a majestic waterfall, just 30 minutes from Seattle. A luxurious 84 room hotel with all the amenities you expect, but step outside and you walk into a natural wonderland. From the breathtaking views across the falls to the wildlife you can see along the forest trails, it’s a mix of luxury and nature that is hard to beat.

The Lodge at Primland

Standing within its own beautiful lands set among the forest lined hills and mountains of Virginia, it serves locally produced food that is worth the trip on its own. Outside, you have the usual mountain biking, hiking and so on, but adds tree climbing, GPS based treasure hunts in the forests and many more guided activities that get you out into nature. A true experience.

While the luxury option tends to be at the higher budget levels, for all the others there is choice out there for almost any budget. If you are nature lovers, you really can tailor your nature vacations to be exactly what you want. It does not have to be the same every year, there is so much variety out there, and each one still allows you to get out into nature and enjoy that freedom and relaxation as well. 

Whichever kind of resort you prefer, and whatever your budget, the most important thing about your vacation is that you enjoy it. So get out there and find the perfect place for your next vacation! Or contact Timeshare Recyclers today and ask one of our timeshare experts for information about the best nature vacation timeshares there are to be found!

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