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How to Pick the Perfect Vacation with Younger Children

If you have kids, then you will know just how much time goes into planning a vacation. Especially for those with smaller children; there is so much you need to forward-think. The flight, the food, and the baby’s routine tend to be at the forefront of most parents’ minds. After all the planning and research and stress that comes with planning a trip with young children, you most definitely deserve a vacation!

5 Keys Things to Consider When Vacationing with Young Children

Without a doubt, the ultimate family vacation property for those with young children is a timeshare rental. Although it might be tempting to pick elsewhere, especially with a hotel complex that markets themselves as family-friendly; read on to see exactly why booking a timeshare rental for your family vacation will guarantee you a stress-free, enjoyable, and above all else a memorable vacation for your loved ones.


As any parent knows all too well, ROUTINE is key. Keeping your baby or young children in their routine as much as possible is of paramount importance. Having to deal with a completely new set of surroundings can bring about its own set of challenges. Having to do that with tired, grumpy children who have not slept, or have stayed up too late makes things even harder. Yes, keeping to your routine is probably one of the most important aspects of a family vacation.

Sleeping Arrangements

Family hotel rooms are often not as big as you would expect them to be. The bedroom and the main living space are often merged together; the beds can sometimes be sleeper sofa’s, which adds to the cramped and awkward bedtimes. Adults do not get their ‘downtime’ and the children's sleep can be interrupted. With a timeshare rental, you have an entire property at your disposal. Kids can sleep in separate rooms, giving the adults the time and space they need to enjoy their evenings while their children get their much-needed rest, without being disturbed.

Noise and Disturbances

If you stay in a hotel or complex, then you are most likely going to encounter the hotel entertainment, or to be more precise, the noise from the entertainment. After that, there are the loud guests who might choose to walk past your room and shout or sing quite loudly. There is always the risk of your little ones becoming unsettled or unable to sleep with this noise. The result of which; their routine is disturbed, or your ‘quiet’ time is eradicated from your day. This will have a knock-on effect that spills into the following day too.
Meal times
Bath times


Wherever you choose to vacation, there is a strong likelihood that mealtimes will need to be planned in advance. If you have a buffet-style arrangement in a hotel complex, this can turn into a logistical nightmare. Taking turns to go up and get food, making sure everyone has all the items they need before being able to finally sit down and relax. If you have table service, how can you be sure that there will be options to suit your family’s preferences each day? With a timeshare rental, you can go shopping, store, prepare, and serve delicious and nutritious meals from the comfort of your own kitchen with ease. Most timeshare rentals will include everything you need including cookware, cutlery, a blender, and let’s not forget the all-important dishwasher. Mealtimes are easy, contained, and everyone can be kept content and fully-fed.

Bath Times

Linking to the first point in this post, bath times are an essential part of any child’s routine. Not only will this relax and clean your little angels, but it also helps to relax them before bed. Often in a hotel, you get one bathroom that must be shared between the family. This can interrupt the essential routine, and it can often mean that the family is crammed into a small bathroom, with little space to maneuver. Timeshare rentals offer that true home-from-home experience, often giving your family multiple bathrooms, and more pleasingly; lots of space!

Hopefully, by now, you can see how much easier life on vacation with young children is in a timeshare rental. This is often a much better option than any hotel complex or resort because you can be completely reassured that when you get there, you have everything you need for your vacation on hand and close by. The space and the facilities you need are all within easy reach.

Timeshare rentals are an affordable way to give your family a great vacation, where you are free to enjoy yourselves, have fun, and above all else, relax and put your feet up without having to worry about mealtimes, sleepless nights, noisy entertainment or guests interrupting your child’s routine.

After all, the most important part of any family vacation is making memories that will stay with you all for a lifetime.

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