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Every Kid in a Park

The US National Park System

The US National park system

don't let your little one miss out on all the us park system has to offer!

Don't Miss Out!

The natural world all around us is beautiful, full of wonder and amazement, but how many of us get a chance to really take a step back and enjoy it as often as we like? Some may never get the chance at all, for many reasons, and especially for children, that can be a big loss. Not only is it healthy to get out into nature, but the wonder and excitement of seeing animals, plants, flowers, and trees unlike anything they perhaps have seen before is something that can inspire any child, and every child should get the chance to experience it.

That is the idea behind Every Kid in a Park, the initiative launched by the Federal Land Management agencies including the U.S. Forest Services, National Park Service, and several others. The program covers every 4th-grade child, whether in school, home-schooled or free-choice learners who are 10 years old and gives them a pass that provides free and unlimited access to federal lands or water for the entire calendar year.  

Every Kid in a Park

It may surprise you just how much land these passes cover, but as a taxpayer, you own millions of acres of land through the various government agencies. The national parks are something everyone is familiar with, but there are historic structures all over the country, cultural artifacts, amazing natural forests that trace their history to before any human walked this land, and they all belong to all Americans. This initiative is designed to encourage families to take nature vacations and see the fantastic natural world that we have right on our doorsteps. 

The initiative makes it easier for kids to enjoy all of that wildlife and nature our country has to offer, and the Every Kid in a Park Pass covers the 4th grader and their family, so for a whole year the family gets a chance to visit anywhere they want, for free! In tandem with free entry, many of the run events and programs designed to appeal to the kids throughout the year, making a special opportunity even better. 

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite national park

For instance, the US Forestry Service offered a program at participating forestry sites that allowed Every Kid in a Park pass holders the chance to go and select and cut down their own Christmas tree to take home and decorate. Empowering a child like this, so that they feel they are contributing to their family’s Christmas in a real way, is just one of the benefits of the overall initiative. This is not the only program, and it’s well worth checking out the websites of the various land management services to see what they are doing for the Every Kid in a Park initiative near you. 

US Departments Involved in the Program

The Petrified Forest

The petrified forest national park

Joining In

The good news is that it is very easy to sign up for the Every Kid in a Park pass; in fact, it has been designed for children to do themselves, or educators to do it for them. You can simply visit the official website, follow the instructions, and then print out the pass to take with you on any trip. Each pass has a unique number for each child, and the pass is valid for that calendar year. The site also includes a wealth of information for trip ideas and planning advice to help you make the most of the year-long pass.

Of course, one problem that may be seen with this program is that some families may not have the finances to take trips even if the park or other destination is free to access, which is why the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, has also instigated a new program that awards transportation grants to help families take nature vacations at the beautiful public lands the pass gives them access to. 

A wonderful opportunity for every 4th grader and their family, the Every Kid in a Park program opens the vast and beautiful range of public lands in our wonderful country for a new generation of visitors to enjoy.

When You Get There

Nature vacations are always amazing; there is something really special about exploring the natural world, seeing the history of the country in living, breathing reality. One thing to think about when planning a trip though is where to stay. While there may be hotel options around the national parks and other public lands the pass gives access to when you take the whole family, they are not always the best choice. There are other options for nature lovers, like buying a timeshare close to such areas makes a lot of sense, and can save a lot of money over time. For those planning a visit with the family, timeshare rentals can offer the same convenience for their stay. Rather than the tight space and restrictions of a hotel, timeshare rentals provide more space, separate bedrooms for the kids, a kitchen that means you can have meals when you want to and a little more freedom to let children be children and eat what and when they want. With timeshare rentals available near most major parks, they are an alternative that you will love.

More Information

For more information visit the official site of the Every Kid in a Park program by clicking the link below.


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