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5 Luxury Vacation Rentals worth Considering for a Once in a Lifetime Vacation Experience

Before we sail away, drive, or fly to any of these luxurious hotpots where we can leave our normal lives behind and drift off to a fantasy life, we need to know what timeshare is best for each of us. If we don’t look at this intelligently, we might very well be calling someone to say, “sell my timeshare”! So, let’s do this right and you can own a piece of the good life, or at the very least rent a slice of heaven for that once in a lifetime vacation.

The first place to start your journey in timeshare rentals is the resale market, do some extensive research! Because it is absolutely true that you can find better deals from an owner who needs to sell his timeshare compared to buying direct from the developer.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where would you really like your vacation to be?
  • Can you list your favorite resorts in the world?
  • When you do take a vacation to a resort what is your typical group size?
  • What’s a comfortable vacation budget for you?
  • Are you familiar with the “sell my timeshare” resale market?

To make it easier for you to answer each of the above questions we have conducted thorough research, and we have concluded that these 5 luxurious vacation rentals are definitely some of the finest most luxurious in the world!

St. Michael’s Holiday Home in Whitstable, England

St. Michael’s Holiday Home in Whitstable

With over 4,500 square feet, it can accommodate up to 23 guests. It includes a 6 to 8 person barrel sauna, indoor cocktail bar, hot tub, gym, sauna and pool. The property has secured off-road parking, which is free and can handle up to ten cars, and is loaded with luxury features such as bathrobes and slippers for each private bathroom. The kitchen features all the conveniences to make meals as easy as possible to prepare. The grounds are exquisitely manicured and the caretakers of the property are ready to pamper its guests by providing whatever is needed for the perfect getaway. All of this and close to Canterbury as well! No luxury timeshare rental features all of this and the best of England too!

Exercise room


Miner’s Clubhouse in Breckenridge, Colorado

Enjoy a nice third-story hot tub on the outside deck overlooking the Rocky Mountains, perhaps following a day of skiing on some of the best trails in the world! Great for groups up to 16 with all the modern amenities while having the feel of a rustic lodge. No other timeshare rental can bring you to the precipice of Copper Canyon giving you the feel of living in the air with mountainous views all around. The amenities inside give its guests a feeling of living in the lap of luxury. A shuttle drives by up to three times per hour that will take its guests to the ski slopes or the shops in Breckenridge. For a truly unique and memorable experience, there is no other getaway like Miner’s Clubhouse.

Miner’s Clubhouse

Villa Ziba in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Villa Ziba

Located in Bali, Indonesia, this resort is built from volcanic lava stone, teakwood, and natural stone, the construction helps to create a specific ambiance while maintaining all the modern amenities. It can accommodate up to ten guests in its largest accommodation. With a large pool, deck, and an open air feel inside, it creates the enthusiasm for being in the Balinese culture. The resort has installed a water purification system using UV filtration that kills all germs in any of the appliances that are used including the showers. Specialized travel in Bali is easily arranged to give its guests a wonderful flavor of the Balinese culture. It is not easy to find a luxury timeshare rental resort that has all the conveniences of western living while still being able to learn about this exquisite location with its people and culture.


  Villacasa Marbella 7 in Marbella, Spain

Villacasa Marbella 7

This resort offers several rentals for groups from 8 to 26. The kitchen is fully equipped, a living room with a fireplace, outside gardens, three pools (one of which is an indoor heated pool with a game room!), gym, and a common meeting area. It’s difficult to find a luxury timeshare rental such as this one that gives its guests easy access to the old town, the beach, and marina.

Parliament Square in Edinburgh, Scotland

This is a luxury 2-bedroom apartment and it is located right in the heart of downtown Edinburgh. The entire second floor apartment is richly appointed with all the creature comforts that one might expect for royalty. It is also very close to the Edinburgh Castle entrance – certainly within walking distance. In fact, there are great views of Edinburgh’s most historical road known as the Royal Mile. You will not find a better timeshare rental in the shadow of one of the world’s most famous castles. The caretakers and stewards of the royal rental are ready to provide a pampered life for every one of its guests.

Parliament Square in Edinburgh

Whether you plan your timeshare rental in the lap of luxury or simply a very nice vacation spot, make sure you plan to go somewhere that you have always dreamed of visiting. Merely getting away from the stresses of daily work and family life may not be enough and you have to factor in how many great vacations you are likely to have in your lifetime. Go live your dreams and you’ll carry the memories forever at any of the above mentioned luxury timeshare resorts.

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