Spring Break: Where's the Party at?!

The best Spring Break Destinations for the Perfect Party. There’s a reason we all love spring break, as winter takes its toll with short days and long nights, the lack of daylight can make a week seem like an eternity, and that can grind us down.

Timeshare: The Basic Facts

Before anyone buys a timeshare through a for sale by owner ad, a broker, or a timeshare resale company, it is well worth doing some research first. If you choose to buy a timeshare using a timeshare resale company

5 Luxury Vacation Rentals worth Considering for a Once in a Lifetime Vacation Experience

Before we sail away, drive, or fly to any of these luxurious hotpots where we can leave our normal lives behind and drift off to a fantasy life, we need to know what timeshare is best for each of us.