The timeshare industry needs timeshare rental companies. There are numerous HOA´s and RMC´s with highly valuable inventory that need your services to supply desperately needed revenue streams. TSR is dedicated to protecting your best interests and helping connect reliable timeshare rental companies with the resorts that need them. The TSR is currently developing a CRM system especially designed to meet the needs of timeshare rental companies and aid timeshare rental companies in becoming more dynamic.

Let us face it if you are a timeshare reseller; you have your work cut out for you. You are under the spotlight right now. Not only do you have to double your efforts to successfully resell timeshare memberships but also you now have to be aware of new legislation, already passed in Florida and pending in several other states, that alters your legal obligations.

We know that the timeshare industry desperately needs your timeshare resale services (how else are legacy resorts going to replenish their atrophying member base without some form of timeshare resale activity?), and that often yours is a thankless job, which is why we want to help. It is vitally important right now, that timeshare reseller’s band together to develop best practices to increase the effectiveness of the secondary market, but to also ensure that any legislation passed concerning the timeshare resale market stops only the bad guys, not the good ones.

If you are a timeshare trade-in company, you are probably misunderstood. There is a lot of confusion in the timeshare industry about timeshare trade-in companies: are you a timeshare relief company, a reseller, a renter, or a consignment company?

Many in the timeshare industry are unaware that timeshare trade-ins even exist and are even less likely to know that they are a great exit strategy for the whole industry. 

TSR completely supports the work of timeshare trade-in companies, and offers a series of proprietary CRM transfer systems designed for helping you to efficiently and successfully transfer your memberships.

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