Many times a consumer can make a mistake when purchasing a timeshare, realizing later that it does not necessarily suit their needs. Timeshare Recyclers and the Timeshare Recyclers Trade-in Service allows you to have all the benefits of a shared ownership with none of the hassles. We also provide a Trade In option for your current timeshare and a Guaranteed Exit program so that you are not tied down to an ownership without the option to get out if the ownership just isn't a fit for you. Speak to an expert today for a free consultation!


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How does TRADE IN work?

Trading in a vacation property is very similar to trading in a used car for a new one. The seller of the new car gives credit towards the purchase in exchange for the old vehicle. Trade In for vacation ownership is basically the same idea. The old property is traded in in exchange for a credit towards the purchase of a new membership. This is the perfect option for you if you are still vacationing but have determined that your current vacation property is not meeting your vacationing needs.

There is one option available for trading in your vacation property.

Trade In To A Travel Club

100% of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of the current vacation property are traded in permanently

The seller determines the compensation for the traded property

A new vacation program is purchased with the travel club

A transfer agreement is signed at the point-of-sale with the travel club

Travel clubs may or may not contract the services of a third-party trade in company to assist with the trade in process to assume the old property

The former owner will still be involved in the transfer process

This includes paying transfer fees, signing documents, keeping maintenance fees up to date, and in general cooperating with the assumption company

Many travel clubs offer pay as you travel options, making yearly fees modest to non-existent

Travel clubs have less expensive buy-in prices than other mainstream vacation ownership

Benefits of travel clubs include access to timeshare units and resorts located throughout the world without the responsibility of owning a property

Travel clubs also offer all kinds of other benefits to members that property ownership does not, such as:

Discounted or free ground transportation

Airfare discounts

Tour and activity discounts

Free bonuses such as spa days and dinner packages

Bonus programs including programs like “air miles”

Among others

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