Wake-Up call to Timeshare Industry Professionals

The timeshare industry is shifting beneath our feet. Timeshare consumers are far better informed and have significantly more vacation options than ever before. Our legacy owners are aging and their needs are changing. The children of legacy timeshare owners, as well as prospective new owners, are less and less willing to commit to a lifetime of maintenance fees. Traditional fee simple HOA managed business models are no longer the most convenient legal structures for timeshare companies to operate in.

First-time timeshare consumers are more and more aware of the secondary market. With our industry in such a state of flux, it is important for all aspects of the industry to work together to overcome our collective challenges. Ignoring the secondary market or the needs of timeshare consumers is not the answer.

In fact, the secondary timeshare market offers solutions that increase owner flexibility and retention, maintenance fee receivables, and greater inventory control for HOAs and primary market companies. Recycling timeshare inventory by uniting the primary and secondary markets will result in happier consumers, stable HOA´s, and liquidity in primary market inventory.

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