Timeshare may not be for everyone, and sometimes too many margaritas and a free buffet along with a shady sales person isn't always the best mix. Not to say that there are not excellent memberships out there for almost everyone, because there certainly are, however sometimes an owner just needs to get out of their timeshare. Timeshare Recyclers can help you forget about your timeshare and maintenance fees without affecting your credit. With our exit program you will be removed from the ownership of your property without the hassle of finding a buyer. If just getting out is truly what you desire, then the exit program is for you. Speak to a trained professional or fill out one of our surveys to find the best option for you.


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How does Exit work?

Exiting from a timeshare ownership can be difficult or downright impossible, if attempted on your own. Fortunately, Timeshare Recyclers has years of experience helping owners diverge themselves from their vacation property ownerships. Timeshare Recyclers has recently changed from business to business only to also offering our services to the general public.

There are various ways to remove an owner from their property including: requesting a surrender, transferring to a third party, deeding the property back to the homeowner’s association, among others. To be part of the exit program and forget about those yearly maintenance fees and special assessments, simply contact one of our Exit Specialists to get started today.

Once you have signed up for the program the basic steps involved will include:

Various documents will be required to begin the process

Trained fulfillment agents will contact the resort to determine the best exit strategy

Timeshare Recyclers will then prepare all documentation required

Documents will need to be signed and possibly notarized

The documents will then need to be sent either to Timeshare Recyclers or directly to the resort

Once all required documents and payments have been made we will follow up until the process is reported as complete by the resort

We will notify you once we have confirmation your name has been removed from the ownership

Simple as that! The entire process is completed through our tried and true 10 step process. Call today for more detailed information!