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If you’re brand new to the timeshare industry, you may be wondering “what is a timeshare?” A “timeshare” is a specific type of vacation ownership whereby multiple people share the rights to a property, and are given a certain time frame that they are eligible to use (typically once a year, if not more). Timeshare Recyclers is the premier purveyor of the most beautiful vacation spots around the world, and we partner with our clients so that they can be sure to find the timeshare of their dreams.

Some benefits of owning a timeshare include:

Affordability: The timeshare secondary market is thriving, and is full of inexpensive options perfect for any type of vacationer!

Luxury Accommodations: Are you sick of staying in cramped little hotel rooms with no kitchens or access to a washer/dryer? For a lower cost than booking hotel rooms, you can own your own piece of paradise with all the amenities you’ve always wanted!

Guaranteed Availability: Families with children know how difficult it is to find available vacation accommodations during times when their kids are off of school - and if you can find it, it usually won’t be affordable. When you purchase a timeshare, your spot is saved for you every year - no hassle!

Become a World Traveler: For those who are able to spend points at a variety of different resorts, the world is your oyster! Being able to choose where to vacation is one of the biggest perks of owning a timeshare.

Weeks vs. Points? Which to Buy?

As a prospective timeshare owner, you have two types of timeshare ownership to consider: purchasing weeks or points. For those who love to vacation at the same place year after year, owning a week allows you to have a specific week in the same unit at the same resort of your choosing. However, don’t be concerned that you will be locked-in for life - you do have the ability to exchange it for a different week or location if you like. Make sure to read the ownership details carefully so that you fully understand the terms.

Purchasing points is largely seen as a more flexible option, and is used by people who can exchange them for weeks with a certain resort or within its exchange program. This allows the owner to more easily change the time and location of their vacation depending on the amount of points they have. Occasionally you will be able to utilize your points towards vehicle rentals and airfare as well. The main downside to purchasing points is that unlike purchasing weeks, you are not guaranteed a specific week in the calendar year, so it’s up to the owners to plan ahead and book their reservations early!

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Most Common Usage Terms for Timeshare Ownership

These terms listed below determine the frequency with which you will be able to use your week or points when owning a timeshare:

Annual: You can redeem your weeks or points once a year
Biannual: You can redeem your weeks or points twice a year
Biennial: You can redeem your weeks or points every other year

Although these aren’t the only usage memberships available they are the most common ones you’ll come across. Take into consideration how much you currently travel, as well as how much you plan to travel in the future when determining what frequency makes sense for you and your family.

TSR's Satisfaction Guarantee

If, after using your new timeshare for two years, you are not completely satisfied,
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