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TSR HOA Outreach Programs

Resort Revenue Generation Programs

There are many well-respected rental programs that can help you fill unused intervals and generate income for your property.

Maintenance fee absorption programs

The TSR is currently offering, on a case-by-case basis, a maintenance fee absorption program whereby a qualifying HOA may be offered a one-time maintenance fee waiver, or discount, for their distressed members. Once the waiver has been offered to the member, the HOA may then place the interval in TSR´s inventory fulfillment system to be distributed to the many TSR fulfillment partners, creating more income for your resort and giving you the opportunity to convert a disgruntled or distressed member into a happy member.

Timeshare Resales

There are many resale programs that can help you resale foreclosed, surrendered, unsold, or delinquent intervals. An TSR representative will be happy to review your requirements and refer you to a certified TSR reseller for help.

Member Upgrade Programs

To stay in business over the long term, timeshare properties need to continue to compete with the many new and exciting benefits currently being offered in resorts with active sales rooms. Offering new and exciting upgrades to current resort owners is a great way of creating new revenue streams for your property and increasing member retention. If you would like to receive information on member upgrade programs, please contact us to speak to an TSR Counsellor.

Reopen Old Sales Rooms

For qualifying resorts, who have a large amount of unsold inventory, it may be a good option to consider reopening old sales rooms. There are many factors to consider, but our team of experts can help you determine whether reopening onsite sales is a good option for your property.

Developer Match Program

There are many experienced timeshare developers that are looking for opportunities to assist existing distressed timeshare resorts. If you are a timeshare property that is interested in working with well-known and respected timeshare developers please contact us for assistance.

TSR HOA Outreach

The TSR is gathering a small army of professionals that specialize in HOA/Resort operations management.

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Member Retention Strategies

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