Timeshare may not be for everyone and sometimes too many margaritas and a free buffet along with a shady sales person isn't always the best mix. Not to say that there are not excellent memberships out there for almost everyone, because there certainly are. Timeshare Recyclers can help you forget about your timeshare and maintenance fees without affecting your credit. Speak to a trained professional or fill out one of our surveys to find the best option for you.


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How does Exit work?

Trading-in a timeshare is a very similar transaction as trading a used car against the cost of a new car. This is a great option if you are still vacationing but determine that your current timeshare is not adequately meeting your vacation needs.

There is basically one option available for trading-in your timeshare:

Trade-in to a travel club

Great option if you are on a limited budget.

You trade 100% of the rights, responsibilities and privileges of your current timeshare (this includes your maintenance fees and special assessments)

You purchase a new vacation program with a travel club

You sign a transfer agreement at the point-of-sale with the travel club

The travel club may or may not contract the services of a third-party trade-in company to help in the transfer process or even to assume the old timeshare

You will still have to be involved in the transfer process (this normally includes paying a nominal transfer fee and signing and notarizing various resort transfer forms and/or new deeds (i.e. quit claim deeds if you are trading a deeded timeshare interval)

You will remain responsible for the old timeshare until the final transfer takes place, but the transfer agreement signed at point-of-sale will effectively guarantee that the transfer will happen

You alone determine if the compensation offered for the timeshare is fair

There are many travel clubs that have programs that allow you pay as you travel. Meaning that they have very modest or no annual fees attached to their memberships

These travel clubs often allow you access to timeshare units and resorts located throughout the world, without the responsibility of owning one

Travel clubs generally have less expensive buy-in prices than mainstream vacation ownership programs

There are many travel clubs that offer substantial benefits to their owners and who have trade-in programs