Timeshare Recyclers Owns Some Of My Inventory, Now What?

Part of the business model of ATR is to pool inventory from various trade-in companies under the control of the association (what is a trade-in company?). We do this so that we can consolidate the inventory in a common place and then recycle it (see Our Recycling Program). The idea of the Association pool is to stop the practice of transferring timeshare intervals into shell LLC’s or various foreign entities. We hope to stop this practice by supplying a low-cost alternative for the assumption of inventory that has been traded-in to purchase a new one. Once the intervals have been consolidated in ATR’s Inventory Pool, an ATR representative will notify your organization so that we can assist you in the next steps of the recycling process.

Here are some FAQ´s by HOA´s and resort operators

Is the ATR going to pay the maintenance fee?

Yes. The Association of Timeshare Recyclers will continue to pay your maintenance fee until the inventory is resold and a new owner assumes responsibility of the maintenance fee.

How did The ATR get the interval in the first place?

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers supports the trade-in industry. Basically your member chose to “trade” their existing interval to purchase a new timeshare or vacation program.

Is the ATR a relief or postcard company?

The Association of Timeshare Recyclers is not a timeshare relief company and does not support the activities of timeshare relief companies. Timeshare relief companies are not currently eligible to become members of the ATR.

What is ATR´s opinion of relief or postcard companies?

Although most timeshare relief companies do what they promise to do, which is to assume the maintenance fee burden on behalf of their client (the timeshare consumer). The ATR feels that there are far better value alternative options for exiting a timeshare available to the consumer. Some of these alternatives include the opportunity for a timeshare owner to trade their existing timeshare for a membership with a low cost and reputable travel club, many of which offer ‘pay-as-you-travel’ membership structures which still allow timeshare consumers to vacation in timeshare resorts without the burden of ongoing maintenance fee costs. The cost to buy into these programs is about the same or less than the going rate for a timeshare consumer to contract the services of a timeshare relief company. The value proposition is simple, for about the same cost a timeshare owner can trade their unwanted timeshare for a great vacation club (that allows them to stay in timeshare properties) or they can pay a relief company to assume ownership of the timeshare and have nothing left to vacation with. This is why the ATR actively promotes travel clubs and encourages existing relief companies to add a travel club membership to their value proposition.

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